How To Wear A Long Dress

How To Wear A Long Dress

While these dresses are easy to wear, they are also easy to wear the wrong way! Here are some guidelines to rocking the trend right this summer!

  • Accessorize, but not too much. If you’re wearing a long dress, accept that it’s going to be the focus of your entire outfit. You want to accessorize to make things more interesting, but also want to keep it simple so that your look doesn’t become over-the-top. A few bangles or a long necklace should do the trick. Also, if a dress is too voluminous, you could add a cute belt at your waist.
  • Consider your shoes. I like these dresses best when worn with flat sandals: flip flops or gladiators, because long dresses are so easy and comfortable to wear. What goes better with a comfortable dress than a comfortable shoe? If you want a little extra height, though, wedges or gladiator heels also work well under a long dress.
  • If you’re short, make sure the dress is in proportion with your body – don’t think about getting one that’s way too long, unless you plan to get it hemmed or can alter it yourself! A too-long dress will make you look even shorter, and may add some extra pounds as well. Also, remember to look for a dress that’s fitted up top and doesn’t have an extremely voluminous skirt. Less fabric is a better choice for you.
  • If you’re tall, this look was made for you! Maxi dresses look amazing on tall girls, and this is one trend you should definitely try out if you get a chance. Kate Moss was recently spotted rocking a long dress identical and it looked amazing on her. Like Kate, you can pretty much get away with any style of maxi dress, so long as it isn’t too short!

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