3 All Time Classics

Here is a list of The Essential Wardrobe Elements that are practical pieces around which you can build your wardrobe.

You shouldn’t wear something just because it’s “in” right now. Always build a versatile and timeless (or classic) wardrobe first, and then bring in your own twists with some of the new stuff.

The Must-haves are mostly classic pieces, but what’s important is whether they fit you properly, and bring out your best features. I have ensured that these must-haves will flatter most of the body-types and will not be outdated, ever.

1. Little Black Dress

LBD, as popularly known in the fashion circle, can turn any woman into a diva. It’s unbeatable and without a doubt a must have in your wardrobe. A well-chosen LBD is a good investment and can be part of your wardrobe for years to come.
How to wear it? It can work as a shift dress, you can wear it during the day in office and carry till evening for your date or a party. Day look: Wear it during the day with a jewel-toned cardigan and flats for a casual visit or shopping while wear a jacket over it with formal pumps for your office. Evening look: Accessorize it at night with a statement necklace, a clucth bag and strappy heels.

‘You can dress it up, you can dress it down. It’s really very easy and proper’, Adam Glassman (Creative Director of ‘O, The Oprah Magazine’) says in Oprah Winfrey show.
2. Sexy Vest or Camisole
Camisoles or vests are great layering pieces that you must have in your wardrobe. A versatile pick can be worn in many ways and is definetly one of the basics of any wardrobe.
How to wear it? To layer or not to layer the choice is yours. They can be used to protect special shirts and jackets from body odor and sweat, and they also are great for coordinating outfits. You can wear a camisole or a vest under a suit to add a punch of color, you can wear one with a pair of jeans to create a soft casual look, you can wear it under your cardigan or inside your shirt to avoid the bra from showing. Wear it over your t-shirt for layering and creating a different look or slip a jacket over it. They are one of the most versatile piece of clothing that makes it a wardrobe must-have.
3. Trousers
As with your jeans, you can smarten them up or pare them down. A pair of smart trousers can be worn to office, work for your lunch and dinner parties and can be even teamed with a ethnic kurti. Its a very versatile piece of clothing and definetly a wardrobe must have.

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