High-Waisted Skirt Becomes Trendy Again

How beautiful are the high-waisted skirts and above what the body’s contours. We can finally throw away models who for years have displayed our navel, and unfortunately not only that, to make room in our closet to a line that has been proposed several times during the twentieth century. The high-waisted skirt is a leader must have for next fall.

It is a head snug, but at the same time able to hide defects and make more thin, at least at the optical level, the waist. The new season offers different lengths, but probably will be very short skirts flow, especially in combination with high heels for elegant occasions, and comfortable boots for the day.

Are also those flared fashion, seventies style. Remember, friends, beauty does not depend on what we put on display, but by habit, by the grace and ability to say with the body even that which is not explained in words.

The combination is more appropriate with the blouse, Possibly in silk and very light. For a sexy look, you could also choose a satin or silk, slightly transparent, perhaps accompanied by a petticoat. I commend her blouse must be worn inside, never outside, because you have to see the line of the skirt. This is a dress code is fairly bare, but can also be worn casually fun and youthful. Help yourself maybe with some accessories Eighties, Like big bangles and long necklaces maybe.

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