Is it possible to be fashionable these days?

We live quick, breathless. We keep walking ahead to our next goal, next meeting. We dine in a fine restaurant, ordering an Italian wine from a region, we had never heard of, but the wine is gorgeous and expensive one. We go to trendy clubs, where we meet other “modern” people. We go to exotic trips. In our wardrobe there is are Lanvin’s dress, Christian Loubotin’s shoes, Dior’s parfume ……. and we are “modern”.

Aren’t we?

What is fashion? Is it possible a middle class woman to even think about a new dress? How we could be trendy without ruin the family budget?

The answer is yes, yes, yes! This is because our genes posses the beauty code. The true beauty is simple and pure, without pretentiousness.

Inspire yourself from your life. Experiment with it. Who said, that you can’t combine formal shirt with sporty shoes….The truth is, that the greatest designers are inspired from simple women, meeting them on the streets. You are models and designers at the same time.

Use provocativeness without being vulgar! What is all about, that you don’t wear the most trendy color this autumn. Everything that suits you is modern. The most important accessory is your smile and the proper man of course.

Dear girls 18, 30, 50 and 70 years old, fashion is not how you are dressed today and the places you visit. Fashion is a point of view. Create your unique style and you will always be fashionable!


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