Choosing The Right Perfume For You: Personal Advice

How many times had happened to you, buying a perfume, that you initially liked and then you ask yourself why you spent all these money. You have to admit, that you had been in that situation at least one time in your life.

Every person have her  favourite perfume or at least a fragrance. Do you know, that the lovely fragrance used by the person near you could be not as much dizzying as if you put it on your skin?

The smell of the different people gives a plenty of information about every one of them. Using a perfume could affect your confidence or even your attraction.

There are some factors and rules, that we better take under attention when we make a decision buying us a perfume or for a present.

Rule 1: The ingredients

It is well known, that some ingredients could provoke some specific feelings in people, who feel their fragrance.  For example the fragrances of flowers and fruits feels fresh and calming. They are suitable for hot summer days.  By the other side the plants like musk and vanilla give out more spicy fragrance, that is considered as a afrodisiac.


Rule 2: The fragrance of the perfurme itself

It is a mistake to consider, that if you like a fragrance used by one person, will smell the same way if you put it on your skin. Keep in mind, that every person is different and every type of skin change the fragrance in some way and the surrounding people feel that.


Rule 3: Don’t smell a perfume directly

On of the most common mistakes is to smell the perfume straight from the bottle. By this way the receptors couldn’t feel the real fragrance. The best way for choosing a perfume is to spray a small quantity on cleaned skin. When the liquid makes a contact with the skin, the fragrance is changed. Now wait for 5-6 minutes before making  a final decision which product to buy. Other essential advice is not to test three different fragrances  at the same time, because the perceptions are getting confused and you will not be able to make a right decision.


Rule 4: The pulse spot is the right place

The specialists are united about the answer of the question: Where is the most appropriate place putting a perfume? These are not the clothes, but the body spots where the heart beats: on the inner side of the wrists, behind the ears, on the bottom of the neck. If you push the sprayer gently from a distance on your hair, the fragrance will be felt by every next shake of your hair. Don’t be concern if 30 minutes after that you don’t feel the fragrance any more, calm yourself, because it is not vanished. This is one more indicator that you have done a great job, choosing the selected perfume. The most important is that the others feel the perfume and envy, because of your perfect choice.


One thought on “Choosing The Right Perfume For You: Personal Advice

  1. Good article.Choosing one’s perfume according to one’s style and personality really a godo thing,some people are just basing it all on either the name of what people around them say,I mean where did their own sense go.Thank you for posting.

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