Expressing Yourself through Clothing

One of the most creative ways of expressing yourself is through clothing. More often than not, each individual has their own unique style when it comes to clothing. In some cases, people base their style of clothing from their area where they reside in. If they are living in a place where the weather is fine and sunny, they would choose shirts and shorts for men and tank tops with skirts for women, especially during the summer. On the other hand, if they live somewhere where the weather in cold, chances are, people are layered with clothing, usually with dark colors for extra protection from the cold.

Copy of IMG_3225

However, there are individuals who dress according to mood. In case they want to look comfortable and laid-back, they would opt to wear simple jeans and shirt with a sweater or a cardigan for the cold. If they feel a bit edgy, some would go for a more grunge type look, with powerful designs and dark colors to match. Either way, people may still correspond their way of dressing through their moods, and somewhat express them through their clothing.


Some people think of their clothing as a way to express their individuality. Even if it looks a bit too much for some, other people would still wear something entirely different and unique, just because they feel that it is a way to express them. Some people dress up in costumes, much similar to Japanese culture. But even so, they still manage to express their individuality and in some way, their own form of art.


Even if you are following the latest trends in fashion or not, the important thing is to be comfortable in what you wear. Although there are times when you want to splurge on expensive clothes stores, you can always manage to balance it out with good finds from Caramella-fashion online shop and get the best deals on our new collection.


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