How to Match Hairstyles with Clothing

Even if it might sound a little bit strange, hairstyles and clothes complete each other in order to create a balanced, harmonious look. Depending on the outfit you are wearing, you should consider choosing the appropriate hairstyle. This is one rule that seems to date back from the Victorian age, when just like in hairstyling, in clothing too there was a relation between elongated and voluminous elements. Nowadays, it is also very important to know how to match hairstyles with clothing for balancing the overall look.


First of all, the right thing to do is to choose the outfit first and only afterwards the hairstyle. This way, you’ll be able to change your hairstyle based on the clothes you are wearing. Without any doubt, the outfit will be chosen according to the event and the moment of the day. Moreover, always keep in mind that if the invitation requires a certain dress code, it is important to respect this.

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Always balance the look. Harmony is the key word when wanting to match hairstyles with clothing. Volume in the clothes requires simple, discreet hairstyles. Volume with volume is a no-no. Keep in mind that your hairstyle should maintain the equilibrium of your silhouette. Therefore, a slicked hairstyle or a bun can help you achieve your goal. The same thing can be applied when wearing a jacket or a shirt with a high collar when a classic ponytail or a bun can do the trick.


When you have a clothing item, such as a dress or blouse, with volume in the upper part, like ruffles, the best thing you can do is to gather your hair into a chignon or a half updo. However, don’t go for the too elaborated styles that can give the impression of trying too hard. Choose something rather messy, yet studied, that can be both elegant, yet not too severe. On the other hand, if the dress is simple, without embellishments, you can choose a more elegant and elaborated updo.


Another important thing is to never match a too complicated hairstyle to a casual, simple outfit. This is the best moment for you to free your hair or try a subtler hairstyle. Moreover, you can also go for some simple accessories to spice up a bit the look.


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