Trendy women’s belts in 2014, what kind I should pick?

Ladies belt – this is perhaps the most important element of every woman’s wardrobe , because this fashion accessory  is ” involved ” in the creation of almost any image . The belts for women are made in the most amazing colors, shapes and decorations.  For the beautiful half of humanity are allowed the most unexpected , impressive and original accessories. The leather belt is capable to add a female character elegance and sophistication. This element of the wardrobe could easily transform the casual dress in an evening dress , giving it originality and expressiveness. The belt is a ” focus ” of an each image,  so in the women’s wardrobe should contains different types and colors.

skinny belt
Wide leather accessory – this is the latest style in 2013, among the most popular belts of varying thickness and fasteners .

The wide belts could not remain unnoticed and they’re able to help the woman to draw attention to herself. Therefore such women belt could become the main focus of the whole image and the variety of colors and textures allows all fashionable ladies to improvise .
The thin leather belts among  the new collections are not so popular , but they’re still for specific styles, that could not be worn without this accessory.

thin brown belt
As for the colors – we must stick to the fashion classic shades as bright red, green, blue and yellow.

red belt
Daring designers tie a knot to the waist belts.

tie knot belt
Continues the trend of the hip belt , but we should pay special attention to the waist, because elegance and femininity are the main trends for this year.


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