A few tricks about wearing your heavy purse

If your handbag is extremely crowded and you’re wondering how to wear it at and keep good health and appearance in the same time, please keep reading!  We all know that most of us try to store our life in a single purse. However, if we want to prevent back pain, tired neck and shoulders, we have to create a plan immediately. Here are some practical advices to carry heavy purse and to remain irresistible in the same time.

Clean it up
The first step you need to do is to clean up a little. No need to remove everything but I bet that some of the things you wear are not really needed and you only aggravate your purse. It has happened to me to clean my bag and I have found two full bottles of water, a book, and tangerine inside! Needless to say that these ones are not essentials, so removing them from your purse can really lighten your load. Try to clean your purse daily or at least weekly to prevent the accumulation of too many things.

purse stuff

Lighten the load
Large and heavy purses can really be quite modern, but not very practical! The problem is that we tend to fill up our purse and when we put are large things, it becomes almost impossible to bear. Not to mention the nightmare of tension in the shoulders and the neck. Choose purses, which are fashionable and light when they are full. And here comes one essential rule: your handbag should weigh no more than 10% of your own weight!

lady wearing big purse
Switch the sides
Start and use a good habit to change the side you carry your purse. If you constantly wear a purse on the same side you will start experiencing back pain. Even for purses with short handles this rule is still applied. If you follow this simple rule, that will prevent you a lot of troubles.


Sit up straight
Sometimes when you carry heavy purses, your body literally bending under the weight, which is not very good posture. Try to go with the necessary support and keep your head and shoulders upright. Of course the best thing you can do to is to lighten the load, but if you just can’t do it, remember that you must go straight.


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